Emergency Communications

Go Bag Check List


Original Driver’s License or ID Card Issued by State Government
FCC Amateur Radio License (Copy OK)
ID CARD of Specific Group (ARES, AREC, REACT, Etc.)
If your ID Cards do not have your home address on it, have Utility Bill, Insurance Bill, etc. that shows your home address (you may need it to gain access to your home).
Optional: Photo of your family and yourself
Personal Address Book w/radio contacts
Small Binder with Important Information

Net Frequencies and Functions (Keep it Current)
Simplex Frequencies and Functions
Plans for Repeater Failures (Simplex on Ouptut? Alt Simplex)
Outline for Net Operation and Traffic Handling
Packet Frequencies and Identifiers (Digipeat Set-ups,etc)
Whatever materials you need to do your best work.
Blank Paper that fits this binder
Consider Plastic Page Protectors for some references
Detail Map of your area, Map of nearby area

RADIO & Portable Station EQUIPMENT

Note: Separate VHF/UHF and HF complete inventories
VHF/UHF Radio, HF Radio (Per your requirements)
Microphone, Headphones,Earphone, “Y” adapter for 2nd Headphones
OPTIONAL: Additional Headset with microphone
POWER SUPPLIES- High Current Batteries(GEL/NICAD/ALK), Power Suppy, DC charger, DC Cords Extra Batteries & Spare Fuses (Make list of REQ)
DC Power Center- Cable to Main Battery meets connectors for muliple connections (Scanner, TNC, VHF, UHF, HF, Light, etc)
VHF/UHF ANTENNA- Portable and Fixed Portable (for each band used or dualband)-
HF ANTENNA- Fixed Portable (G5RV,etc), Mobile Antenna w/Counterpoise & support
HF Antenna Support- Hanging, Hook,Poly Rope,Duct Tape, Counterpoise
COAXIAL CABLE ADAPTORS- Barrell Adaptor, PL259 to BNC, Adaptors as required for your set-up, surveyors tape to mark cables.
MFJ or similar ANTENNA TUNER/SWITCH w/cable
LOW PASS FILTER- 1KW or 100W w/cable
CLIP-ON GROUNDPLANE “Tigertail” 21″ w/Aligator Clip
“Mini-Mag” Flashlight with spare bulb and batteries
Pocket Knife with built-in Tools or small tool kit.
Cash, Coin and Credit Card info.(8 quarters,20 dimes, $10,$5,5-$1)
Bandaids,Coff-Drops,Towelettes,Tape,Sunscreen,Misc Pills.in Small Container
SWR/Wattmeter to monitor RF output and antenna condition w/connector cable
DC ADAPTORs for Polarized standard power connectors with fused wires, Molex, Voltage Adaptors, Etc.
MONITOR RADIOS- AM/FM/SW?, SCANNER(WX and Public Safety), CB/FRS and Perhaps HT to liason Frequency.
Programming Information and Manual for your radios. List of the information programmed into the radio if RESET required.
Spare 2mtr HT (AA battery Type)pre-programmed,w/tiger tail, 1/2 wave ant,w/case & acc.
Pocket Card w/ Frequency/Channel information

Additional Radio Items- (stored separately)

VHF “Brick” Amplifier w/cable to HT w/spare adaptors
DC Extension power cable (10-15′) to AMP, w/LG Aligator Clips, Molex, Power Pole,etc connectors
Spare Fuses for Amplifier and other accessories
1/4 wave or 5/8 wave magnetic mount antenna with adaptors to BNC,SMA,PL-259
Wall Chargers for HTs
Gell Cell 12 volt Batteries for AMP & ACC, w/connectors and Cigarette Lighter Jack
Extra 1/2 wave 2mtr antenna for HT
Extra AA Alkaline or Lithium Batteries (also AC fast-charger w/batteries)
Dozen Cable Ties, misc types.
Pencils,pens,erasers,markers,pen-knife,paper,binder,white-out,Carbon Paper,plastic Envelope
Flashlight- 3- “D”Cell type(spare batteries/lamp), Lantern w/batteries/Lamp
Compass and ability to use it.
Misc.Personal Items- W/case: Safety Items, First Aid,Sun glasses,Spare reading Glasses,Matches,Tweezers, Insect repellant,Kleenex,SunBlock,Sewing Kit,adhesive tape,Gause Pads 6- 4″,handi-wipes,
ARES Field Manual, and other refrences as required.
MARS Members- appropriate references (report format,net procedures,refrences,etc.)
FRS Radio- one or two w/batteries w/plan to contact family, local FRS Plan,etc
ARES/MARS VEST- Safety Vest (reflector Tape),etc.

WRITING & Traffic Handling

Spare Glasses in Hard Case
Zippered See-Through Case for misc. items
Pens, Pencils, Erasers (White-out?)
Water-Resistant container for your papers
Message Forms (Help List if required)
Log Book (wear wrist watch, or have clock nearby)
Clip Board with Paper (3 ring binder type best)
Spiral Notebook (Organization, Name and Callsign on Book)
Computer Disc with duplicate programs used, and Important information for display.
Notebook Computer if required, 100% paper back-up

TOOLS & MISC.- MINIMUM Short Duration

Assorted Wire Ends w/Crimp Tool for extending or repairing wires
Roll of speaker wire and Power Wire
6″ Diagonal Cutters
6″ Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Crimper/Cutter/Stripper
Roll of UL Black Plastic Tape
Roll of Duct Tape
Screw Drivers- Standard and Phillips
Locking Pliers & Vice Grips
Wrenches and Drivers
Regular Pliers
Hex Wrench,Spline Wrench,Square-Drive
Wrench Suitable to turn off Gas Valve (8” Adjustable Crescent Wrench)
BAG of connectors,plugs,jumpers,Coax Crimp-type Connectors,etc.
Volt Ohm Meter & spare battery
12VDC Soldering Iron and solder
Flashlight with spare bulb and batteries
Case or Zippered Bag to store tools
Inventory List of Contents of All Bags/Cases

TOOLS & MISC.-EXPANDED Longer Duration

Claw Hammer, Assortment of Nails
Assortment of Hooks, Eyes, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, and stiff wire.
Tool Box Saw or Hack Saw with spare blades
Folding Shovel
Plastic Bags (HD Garbage..Small and Large) Clear or Black
Folding Tarps (1 small, 1 medium)
50′ of Hemp Rope (3/8 min) Poly OK if no hemp
50′ of Poly Twine
Siphon and container to transfer Gasoline or Kerosene
Axe or Hatchet
Jumper Cables for Car (Extra Long Best, in Bag because of acid)
Road Flares
Lanterns and Stove of Coleman type, with spare fuel, mantle and burner jet.
2 to 5 Gallons of Gasoline in Approved container with spout.
Fire Extinguisher (ABC 3 to 10 lb)
AC Generator (W/12V DC) with spares and fuel
2- 50 3wire Grounded AC Extension Cords 1-#12GA, 1#16GA
Binoculars- Opera Glasses
Roll of Paper Towels, TP (in plastic Bag) and 10 cotton Shop Rags
Whistle on lanyard (signal mirror?) ID CARD ON LANYARD?


Personal Medications (in adaquate supply with written descripton
/ Prescription Copy of drug and size tab,etc.)
Extra Prescription Glasses and hearing aid batteries
First Aid Kit (See Red Cross List for Recommended Contents)
Snacks (High Energy, etc.)
Liquid Refreshment- Water, Soda, Juice (No Alcohol)
Throat Lozenges (Cough Drops,etc)
Headache Medicine (Aspirin,etc)
Water Resistant Windbreaker/ Jacket
Hat and Sunglasses and sunscreen (if required)
Space Blanket, Plastic Drop Cloth,
Spare Keys to your vehicle
Back-up Credit Cards,Cash,Coin,PhotoCopy of Radio ID, DL, etc


3 day supply of water (canteens, etc. transportable)
Cooler with 3 day supply of food (w/prep.supplies etc)
Camp or Military Style “Mess” Kit, and cleaning suppies
Expanded First Aid Kit
Foul Weather Gear, Poncho, Rain Hat, Regular Hat
Sleeping Bag or Blanket/Pillow w/2 slips, (sit on it too)
Toilet Articles (Over-night type kit) & TP supply
Wind-up or Battery Alarm Clock
Lantern or Flashlight with spare bulb and batteries
Candles with waterproof matches
Extra Underware and Socks
Work Gloves
Folding Chair with Name on It (antenna Base?)
Electrical Tape, Duct Tape, Poly-Rope, Nylon twine

Water- personal carrier, bottled, canned, bagged,(washcloth in baggie)etc.
Canned Soda- Ginger Ale, Coke, 7up,Fruit Juice,etc
Canned: Soup,beans,Chili,Tuna,Ravioli,Tortias,Crackers,etc.
Peanut Butter,Crackers,Jam/Jelly,Cheese Spread,Chicken/Ham Spread,hard Candy
Large Zip Lock Bags, Roll of Foil, Napkins(in Baggie)
Can opener,knife,spoon, fork, Vegetable scraper,beer can opener,2nd Spoon
Napkins/Paper Towels
Instant Coffee, Hot Chocloate Packs, Soup Packs, Tea Bags,
Hard Candy, Protein Bars, Gum, Favorite Candy,
Sterno Stove, Spare Sterno, Pellet Stove, Pan w/handle & Lid,W/Bar or Tablet Fuel
MRE,dried Food, Dried Fruit, Powdered Milk, Lemonade,etc.
Boxing and inventory for the above items.
Roll of Antacid Tablets,Bismith Liquid,
6- Garbage Bag for Trash (45 GAL), Rain Poncho, cover radios, bedding
Paper Towel Roll for Napkins/Clean-up.


Plan with family where to meet or how to communicate after or during the emergency. Even Designate relative out of area to check in with to coordinate in worst case
FRS Radios (2) for Family w/spare batteries (plan to use it)
Phone Patch with proper Plugs/Jacks and Phone Interface Connections
12vdc High Current PS for 12V HF Radio Transceiver.
Binder with Photocopied References of Value
Sturdy Shoes and Protective Clothing
Umbrella- Rain or Sun Shade (Antenna Support?)
Golf Shirt, Pants, Belt,
PAD / CUSHION for folding Chair
Travel Alarm Clock,
Portable radio with earphone and spare batteries