All ARES organizations are made up of an Emergency Coordinator (EC) and one or more Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC) who handle specific tasks for the ARES group. Here is the leadership team for ATLANTA ARES:

Emergency Coordinator Atlanta Georgia (Fulton Co. inside the perimeter) – Chandler Friedman- w2np(at)arrl.net – 602-920-9752

​Assistant EC – Newt White – N4EWT – AFCEMA liaison and D Star Net – N4ewt(at)arrl.net
Assistant EC – Ken Feinberg – WA4QKM – VHF Net Operations – ken(at)iescylinders.com
Assistant EC – Jim Reed – N4BFR – AFCEMA liaison and D Star Net – n4bfr(at)arrl.net
Radio Operator – Esprit Smith – WJ3I – Esprit.Smith(at)turner.com
Radio Operator – Michael Miller – KI4RDP – Ideamaster(at)mac.com D Star Net
Assistant EC – AG6RP – ryan(at)petris.net D Star Net and 440 Net
Assistant EC – Allan Sellers – KW4MO – alans(at)overgroup.com
Radio Operator – Ocean Celestino – KD8KCN kd8kcn(at)gmail.com

​​If you are interested in being a part of the leadership team at ATLANTA ARES, please let the EC know of your interest and how you can serve the group. We are always interested in finding a way to make your ARES experience more fulfilling.