Membership is your entry to community service via your interest in Amateur Radio

Membership is open to all FCC licensed amateur radio operators who successfully pass the basic training requirements. To maintain membership, you are expected to check-in to weekly nets, attend monthly meetings and participate in community events and drills. These activities help us sharpen our communications skills. We are organized to provide communications support to various agencies of government and charitable organizations on request. It is through drills and other training that we become proficient in providing vital communications support in the event of a community need.

The Atlanta ARES member who accumulates the highest number of weekly practice net check-ins will recieve the annual Atlanta ARES All-Star award.

GA ARES Database

​The Georgia ARES Database can be accessed from the front page of the Georga ARES web page at:
There is a button labelled “GA ARES Database” in the lower right corner which will take you to the GA ARES Database.
Your Login Name is your callsign. If you have not used this database, check with either Steve Garrison(n4tty at or George Olive (ai4ur at from Dekalb ARES for password assistance.