Net Operations

Atlanta ARES Weekly Training Net

Atlanta ARES operates a weekly training net on our primary frequencies of 146.82 MHz (-) (PL 146.2) at 7:30 p.m. local time on Sundays.
​Secondary is MATPARC’s Repeater on 145.41- (PL 100) and then on to Georgia Tech’s Repeater on 145.150- (PL 167.9)

Atlanta Metro / GA ARES Weekly Dstar Net

Sunday Nights from 7:45 PM
​W4DOC C 145.35 Mhz
WX4GPB C 144.96 Mhz (GPB has a non-standard +2.5 Mhz offset)
W4DOC FM 146.82 Mhz

Atlanta ARES Weekly 440 Net

Will continue in 2016-Check back for more details and please comment on the vhf net
Primary Repeater: W4DOC 444.825+ PL 146.2
Alternate Repeater: W4PME 444.150- PL 100.0
​Ryan KM4LRO will act as net control until further notice
A 440 Dstar net may be added in the future- please comment on the vhf net

Other Frequencies and Nets

Other frequencies used by Atlanta ARES:
Simplex operations = 146.550 MHz
ARC- 444.825 MHz (+) ( PL 146.2)

We also encourage General Class licensees and above to check-in to the GA ARES net each Sunday at 22:00 GMT on 3.975 MHz LSB

The first Monday of each month is designated at Emergency Power day when we like to have our members check-in using their emergency power supply to verify its performance. This test of our emergency power capability demonstrates our readiness to support our served agencies in a time of commercial power loss.

Also on the first Sunday, we check in to the Metro Atlanta ARES Net at 4PM on the 145.43(-) (PL 107.2) repeater of the Cherokee County ARES. Hams from all over the Metro Atlanta area are invited to check in when their county is called.

Atlanta ARES repeater facilities courtesy of the Atlanta Radio Club, GA Tech Radio Club and MATPARC

DeKalb ARES operates a weekly training net on 145.45 MHz (-) no PL at 8:00 p.m. local time on Sunday.

​Atlanta Radio Club operates their weekly net on Sundays 146.82 MHz (-) (PL 146.2) at 8 p.m.

Atlanta ARES Net Control Script

Script For Atlanta ARES Weekly Practice Net

{The following preamble is used for the weekly Atlanta ARES weekly practice Repeater net: Please read sections
below in aloud on net frequency during the net: PLEASE REMEMBER TO IDENTIFY YOUR STATION EVERY
10 MINUTES AND AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE NET. Sections marked with brackets are just instructions and
should not be read aloud during the net.}

Is the frequency in use?
{if not proceed….}.
This is YOUR CALL SIGN Calling the Atlanta ARES Practice Net, Calling
the Atlanta ARES Practice Net. The Atlanta Emergency Practice Net is
now in routine formal session. This net meets on Monday nights at 8 P.M.
local time and welcomes check­ins from all stations interested in public
service communications. This net is affiliated with the Amateur Radio
Emergency Service of the American Radio Relay League.

The net control operator tonight is GIVE CALL SIGN AND THEN REPEAT IN ITU PHONETICS,
my name is GIVE YOUR NAME and my location is GIVE YOUR LOCATION. This is a
directed net. Please do not transmit unless called by Net Control.
During the net, please direct all communications through Net Control,
and if you need to leave the net for any reason before it
closes, please inform net control.

Before we begin taking check­ins, do we have any emergency traffic? Please come now.

You do not need to say the following underlined unless we are in a time of emergency:
Messages are prioritized as follows:
A message having life ­or­ death urgency.
An important time ­critical message.
An inquiry as to the health and welfare of an individual in a
disaster area, or a message from a disaster victim to friends and
Any message not meeting the requirements for a higher precedence.
{If there is any emergency traffic, acknowledge the station calling and turn the net over to them.}

Do I have anyone who would like to act as Alternate Net Control for
tonight’s net? An alternate net control will be able to continue the net
in case my station goes out of service. Please come now.
{If an alternate net station calls in, acknowledge them and ask them to record the check-ins they hear, at the end
of the net call them again and check to confirm if you received all stations checking-in- if no alternate net control is
available, proceed to run the net as normal.}


This is YOUR CALL SIGN, net control for tonight’s Atlanta ARES Practice
When I call for check­ins, please check in with your name, location and
call sign in ITU phonetics as I did earlier and indicate whether you
have any announcements, questions or comments for the net. Also, please
indicate whether you are on emergency/(Battery) or commercial power. We
will take check­ins in three groups. We encourage check­ins from
emergency power especially on the first Net of every month.
Take check ins in the following order:
Atlanta ARES members
Other ARES members
Anyone – anywhere

{Acknowledge stations checking in-by call sign, name and location and please acknowledge if you receive any
traffic from them.}
This is YOUR CALL SIGN, net control and we will now call stations that
listed traffic and/or announcements.
{Call stations one by one that have traffic and/or announcements and let them state their traffic and/or
Before we resume taking check­ins, is there anyone else who would like
to make an announcement or has traffic for the Net?
{Handle any additional announcements or traffic.}

This is YOUR CALL SIGN, net control.

{REMEMBER TO IDENTIFY YOUR STATION EVERY 10 MINUTES. Continue to call for any late check-ins.}

{When all traffic/announcements and check-ins have finished, close the net.}
We would like to thank all those who checked in tonight, we had NUMBER OF
CHECK-INS check­ins including myself.
{Call alternate net control station and ask them if their number of check-ins agrees with your count.}
CALL SIGN OF ALTERNATE NET CONTROL do you concur with my count?
We would like to thank the Atlanta Radio Club for the use of the
146.82 repeater. Please remember that if this repeater is not
operational at the time of the net, we will hold the net on the Georgia Tech Repeater. We
appreciate you checking in tonight and thank you for your support of
Atlanta ARES. It is now TIME P.M. and this is YOUR CALL SIGN returning the
repeater to normal operation.

{After the net is over, please send an e-mail to Ken Feinberg ken(at) : as the net control station: your
callsign, your name, your location and if you were on emergency or commercial power and for Alternate Net
Control Station, their callsign, their name, their location, and if they were on emergency or commercial power and
a list of the callsigns of all the stations that checked in, including their names, their locations, if they are were on
emergency or commercial power and a description of any traffic/announcements anyone made, and the time the
net was closed. This will be helpful to make our monthly report of Atlanta ARES activities.}

Net Control Schedule

1/22/17 AG6RP Ryan
1/29/17 KW4MO Alan
2/5/17 KD8KCN Ocean
2/12/17 N4BFR Jim
2/19/17 WA4QKM Ken
2/26/17 W2NP Chandler
3/5/17 N4EWT Newt
3/12/17 AG6RP Ryan
3/19/17 KW4MO Alan
3/26/17 KD8KCN Ocean
4/2/17 N4BFR Jim
4/9/17 WA4QKM Ken
4/16/17 W2NP Chandler
4/23/17 N4EWT Newt
4/30/17 AG6RP Ryan
5/7/17 KW4MO Alan
5/14/17 KD8KCN Ocean
5/21/17 N4BFR Jim
5/28/17 WA4QKM Ken