Atlanta ARES required FEMA online classwork

We utilize courses from both the ARRL and FEMA. We also use a general skills course created by the Gwinnett ARES group. We require that all members take and pass either this basic skills course or course EC-001 offered by the ARRL.

Georgia ARES Basic Emergency Communications Course
FEMA IS 100b
FEMA IS 200b
FEMA IS 700a
FEMA IS 800b

ARRL EM COMM classwork levels I, II and II are suggested

In order to maintain your good standing in Atlanta ARES you will need to volunteer as a radio operator for one of the yearly area races. Marathon, PRR, CHOA Parade or the GA DEATH RACE.
For members interested in field deployment, we suggest you become proficient in basic first aid and CPR through courses offered by your local chapter of the American Red Cross. You may register as a Red Cross volunteer at this link.

GEMA also offers classwork in emergency communications and management.